21X contributes to the agenda on global cyber security issues

As 21X awaits the award of the first full license in Europe for a DLT exchange under the EU DLT Pilot Regime, in early 2024, the company is ensuring that it is at the heart of issues and developments impacting both fintech,the overall information security industry  and the regulatory framework.

This week was a case in point when Thomas Zraunig, Chief Information Security Officer at21X , attended the second edition of the European Cyber Security Organisation’s (ECSO) Annual Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) Meetup, taking place in Florence.

As a trusted and privileged partner of the European Commission in developing the European Cybersecurity Ecosystem, ECSO is the first and only cross-sector and cross-border CISO Community. With more than 380 cyber security leaders as members, this forum – and the annual CISO Meetup – allow for exchange of information, sharing of good practices, and threat intelligence.

Over 200 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) from 21 European nations gathered for the Meetup, which is set to mark an important milestone in collaboration and information-sharing between CISOs in Europe. This flagship event provided Europe’s cybersecurity industry leaders with a relaxed yet strategic setting in which to meet fellow peers whilst also having the opportunity to gather the knowledge needed to navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Special focus had the regulations NIS2 and DORA looming ahead in the EU impacting a wide range of companies. With an informal setting between CISOs it was possible to exchange knowledge and experiences to grow the overall maturity of the industry.

Protection from cyber threats and building a resilient ecosystem cannot happen in isolation. That’s why it is imperative to communicate the needs and concerns of the information security industry to local and EU policy makers through organisations such as the ECSO. Only in this way can it hope to have a say on the direction and content of future regulations. At the same time, it is critical that industry players continually enhance their collaboration and information sharing at both a local and global level. The ECSO’s Annual CISO Meetup is an ideal opportunity to achieve this.

This was the first time that Thomas had attended the event and was impressed by both the number of senior industry attendees and the opportunity to contribute to the discussions on issues that will impact the industry in the years to come. “It’s excellent to see security leaders from companies of all sizes coming together with the willingness to build global and local security communities for knowledge and information sharing to grow the maturity of all, which is especially important in time where the supply chain attacks are increasing dramatically”

Cloud usage and ransomware attacks. Phishing. Broken access control. Supply chain risks. There is no doubt that we find ourselves in a historical moment where cyber threats have never been more powerful and intricately engineered, and ECSO recognizes the necessity for collaboration and information-sharing between CISOs from multiple sectors and industries across European borders. For this reason, this event represents an important phase in the development of a robust digital ecosystem for Europe as ECSO aims at converging cybersecurity expertise to form new partnerships that can address critical challenges in the European cyber world.

Commenting on the event as it kicked off, the ECSO’s Secretary General, Luigi Rebuffi, stated: “This event brings together some of Europe’s most influential executives in defining cybersecurity needs and implementing solutions for their company. Their contribution is fundamental for the resilience of our society and economy, as we find ourselves in one of the most critical times in history regarding cybersecurity for Europe.

“This year’s edition is not just a mere meeting between CISOs, but also a testimony of our commitment to come forward and discuss solutions to the most pressing challenges together with innovators and main vendors in the sector. ECSO is proud to provide such a platform on a yearly basis, thanks to our trusted members and partners. They represent the backbone of our organisation, and we will keep on catalysing their expertise to build a better and more secure digital future.”

Florence as a stronghold for dynamic and high-level cybersecurity discussions amongst CISOs marks only a year of ongoing collaboration of the community on different channels and forums. All this not only enriches the European CISO community itself but also contribute to the future direction of Europe’s cybersecurity

Thomas concluded:

“There is a strong need of an effective private-public partnership for preparing Europes Information Security for the threats and challenges ahead. Regulations play a vital part if they are defined and implemented in a realistic way to support the ongoing efforts. The feedback from the security community can be a pivotal source of input for this process”

About the ECSO

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2016. ECSO unites over 300 European cybersecurity stakeholders, including large companies, SMEs and startups, research centres, universities, end-users, operators, associations, national and regional administrations. ECSO works with its Members and Partners to develop a competitive European cybersecurity ecosystem that provides trusted cybersecurity solutions and advances Europe’s cybersecurity posture and technological independence. ECSO also leads the European project ECCO, intended to support activities needed to develop, promote, coordinate and organise the European-level Cybersecurity Competence Community.


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