Imprint AG

Industriering 40
9491 Ruggell

Trade Register No: FL-0002.541.900-1, Liechtenstein Office of Justice

Company ID: CHE-485.763.114 HR, Swiss Federal Office for Statistics

VAT- No: 60 067, Liechtenstein Tax Administration

Supervisory Authority according to Liechtenstein E-Commerce Law (ECG): Liechtenstein Office of National Economy

Executive Directors: Max J. Heinzle, Marc Hegen
Board of Directors: Herman Kotzé (Chairman), Roland Frick, Michael Guzik, Sanjeev Karkhanis, Genevieve Strunk

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21X AG

Große Gallusstraße 16-18,
60311 Frankfurt
Germany AG

Industriering 40
9491 Ruggell