21X leads debate on the legal issues of the use of digital assets

21X – European DLT Exchange was delighted to have had the opportunity to participate at this week’s Digital Assets Legal Conference in Austria, Vienna. The 2nd Digital Assets Law Conference focused on the topic of Digital Assets in Private Law on November 21st 2023, at the WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Participating on the panel discussing ‘Digital Assets: What challenges are there and what measures are needed?’ was Ulf Medek, Director of Legal at 21X, alongside Dr. Stephan Heckenthaler, from Binder Grösswang; Dr. Mario Hössl-Neumann, from One Trading; Dr. Stephan Pachinger, from Freshfields; and moderator, Georg Brameshuber, from Validvent.

The event provided a forum to discuss the latest scientific findings and the practical challenges of the legal classification of digital assets, current legislative amendments in neighboring countries to Austria, legislative proposals and international aspects of private law.

Commenting on the event, Medek said:

“I was very pleased that I was able to talk about the practice and that there was a lot of interest during the discussion and in the break. The exchange between practice and teaching is important and should be cultivated.”

He added:

“In addition to our own panel discussion, for me, Professor Eva Micheler’s lecture on the topic of digital financial assets was particularly interesting and demonstrated how small the difference between traditional securities and digital financial assets can be if you look closely enough. The challenge for us will be to marry up the knowledge from the old and new disciplines to ensure future digital assets are managed effectively within the law.”

As the uptake of digital assets across capital markets gains momentum, 21X is pleased that we are at the heart of discussions that are shaping the legal framework across the finance industry and beyond.

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Florian Ebner, Martin Miernicki, Eva Micheler, Stephan Heckenthaler, MarioHoessl-Neumann, Dr. Thomas Dünser, Fabian Aubrunner, Philipp Paech, Christoph Krönke


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